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The Oklahoma Horse Industry Council is a nonprofit organization dedicated to uniting the horse industry in Oklahoma. 

Horse People Need a Voice

Whether you own a single horse or a breeding facility, the Oklahoma Horse Industry needs your support. Join other equine enthusiasts from across the state in their dedication to preserving and improving the horse industry in Oklahoma. Membership is the lifeblood of the Oklahoma Horse Industry Council network Ė join TODAY!

Members receive:
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Automatic benefit of $1 million dollar excess equine liability insurance (underwritten by Equisure).  New and renewing individual and family members automatically receive a $1 million dollar personal liability policy for bodily injury and property damage resulting from horse-related accidents in the course of the memberís personal activities.  The coverage is worldwide, as long as the suit is brought in the US and is in excess of any other valid collectible insurance (if none, this membership benefit is primary with no deductible.)

OHIC Membership Benefits Check out these benefits of membership from the American Horse Council.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Insurance Coverage

O.H.I.C. 2010 Membership Application

     Please print:

Name:    ____________________________________________

Address  ____________________________________________


Phone:    ____________________________________________

E-mail:    ____________________________________________

Website: ____________________________________________

 Individual and family memberships (only) receive excess equine liability insurance as a benefit of membership.

            Please check the appropriate membership:

Individual                  $ 35.00 (receives insurance benefit)

Family                       $ 55.00 (receives insurance benefit)

Farm/Ranch               $ 50.00  (not eligible for insurance benefit)

Association/Business   $100.00 (not eligible for insurance benefit)

Supporting Sponsor     $200.00 (not eligible for insurance benefit)

                                     Dues are for CALENDAR year 2010

                                         (postmark will serve as date of payment)

Remit Dues to:  Oklahoma Horse Industry Council, P. O Box 1133, Enid, OK 73702-1133

Were you a member in 2008 or 2009? Renew your membership before March 1, 2010, and save 10%.  Postmark date will serve as date of paymentóMember is responsible for applying discount from membership fees listed -- OHIC will not refund unapplied discounts.  (Maximum discount for any membership will be 10% of membership fee listed above.)

Membership Applications are processed on the  5th and 20th of each month

 To download a .pdf version of this application, click here.

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